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"Ask, and what you ask will be given you. Search, and you will find what you search for. Knock, and the door will open to you."

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October 5, 2016

Quote #2

“Did I not tell you? Even if we turn and turn, we are fated to meet again.” - moonlight drawn by clouds.

August 4, 2016

Quote #1

"do you know why i'm attracted to strong woman with emotional wounds?"
"Those who know how to take care of their pain also know how to be considerate"
- Doctors, SBS

June 9, 2016

Personally what i call my bible

Well lets hope this dont become controversial.....

Well personally, everytime shit happened (and it happened alot in my life) i get this thing to read 2 books; books that i called my bible. Weel, my religion doesnt really have bible or a guidance book..even if they do, i wasnt informed and taught about it (maybe thats why in life, i took thing for granted)

Anyway shits about to happen tomorrow..gonna get scolding coz i make mistake in my job.
Well dont tell me, life is part of learning and learn from mistake
Im all too aware of whole career life comes from scolding. After one burn, barely heal, came another scalding. Barely came out from the hot water, i get dropped into one.. my mistake or others mistake.

1. 'Why worry' by ven dr k sri dhammananda
2.  'Manuscript found in accra' by paulo coelho

Life saving i tell you
How many times i hold it to my dear life and survived.. survived to tears and sleepless night

You see, nature of my job and job description and maybe pinch of personality that prefer things to go my way, it never gel.
I have people telling im good at my job but why shit still happen.
Then people said shit bound to happen - not comforting, really, especially due to mistake
Then people said well you learn from mistake and you are human, human makes mistake. 😕 i dont know, i dont like it. Especially it involve me getting scolded.

Ok back to the books

Why worry
It is almost i love every single word in it. So right to the fact. So true that i found myself crying everytime i read it. Its addressess worry, the source, the way to overcome etc. It is almost i just need the first few page to convince myself that i lived my life in worry stage.worrying about the unseen, the unknown and the uncontrollable. I cant summarize in short few paragraph. The reason i reread and reread coz it feels like i have forgotten the lines the details the contents everytime i went free for a moment. In order to regrasp life, get a holding back to eart, i re read...even if just few lines. Before my brain went nuts on me again.

Manuscript found in accra
Thats why he is my fave fate i came across his most famous book, the alchemist, but trust me, no matter how everyone been telling thats a powerful book, i never understand. I just cant see the value in the book, the lesson, the advise. But by even powerful fate/power i decided to get grab maunuscript found in accra (even before it hits the stores in malaysia. And it did took awhile to hit here.) And god, the words in it is so powerful so sounding so persuasive so meaningful. It gives lesson to almost every problem in my life. Darkness, love, beauty. Sometimes i just flip to particular chapter and start reading and it still makes a lot of sense to me.

But so much books can help, i still feel sad and lonely and one kind? Defeated? Yeah i guess. Ir maybe just down

Anyway today i yeah i guess..on the bright side 🌝 i supposed. At least i get back to one of my hobby: blogging.